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          System Division SYSTEM

          We are a professional green energy solution provider, who is committed to providing renewable energy service for customers in residential, business and industrial sectors. Our business covers project development design, manufacturing, construction, installation, and operation and maintenance service.

          System Division
          Production and Solution

          We are committed in solving energy demand problem in situations 

          such as energy shortage, energy expensive, user dispersion and remote location with renewable energy.

          Our products cover a wide range of applications.


          Our Mission

          Let everyone get affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.

          • Low carbon
            We are committed in studying renewable energy technology and solutions to push sustainable consumption of energy in a low-carbon manner,which promote the sustainable development of economic and society.
          • Professional
            We provide the project development, design, manufacturing, sales, construction, installation, operation and maintenance services in a one-stop manner, and help the customers to rapidly complete the project building, easily develop the project operation, and stably realize the return on investment.
          • Rewards
            We pay attention to every customer's need in details. With proven technology and reliable products, we ensure every customer would obtain affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

          POWASYSTEM can operate with various types of load in a coordinated manner, which is a user friendly, 

          reliable and clean effective way to supplement and substitute the utility and diesel generator. 

          • 1kWh SYSTEM


            1kWh SYSTEM
            • WIFI

            • Security

            • Monitor

            • Traffic instructions

            • Street lights

          • 10kWh SYSTEM


            10kWh SYSTEM
            • Households

            • Telecom Base Station

          • 100kWh SYSTEM


            100kWh SYSTEM
            • Village/Island 

            • SME Industry

            • School

            • Hospital

            • Hotel/Resort

          • 1000kWh SYSTEM


            1000kWh SYSTEM
            • Industrial Park

            • Residential community

            • Hopsca

            • Data center

            • Airport

          CTNSYSTEM is SOLARLAND integrated container photovoltaic system, solves the energy demand on electricity, water, cooling and others 

          in one-stop manner with thecore of kilowatt system by integrating the functional device concerning the power generation, 

          refrigeration, water production and others, and realizes the stable, economic and sustainable operation of the system.

          • Water CTN System

            • Households 

            • Village/Island 

            • Troop Garrison 

            • Emergency rescue 

            • Infrastructure project

          • Home CTN System

            • Rescue center 

            • Site office 

            • Retail center 

            • Emergency rescue 

            • Infrastructure project

          • Cold CTN System

            • Port 

            • Wharf 

            • Fisheries 

            • Cold chain

          • Power CTN System

            • ESS(Energy storage system) 

            • Emergency power 

            • Portable power 

            • Backup power

          Support and Service

          Not only reliable products what we offer to our customers , but also a wide range of services.

          • Technical Services

            • Application requirements analysis

            • System scheme design

            • Site installation and commissioning

            • Product application of guidance

            • Technical knowledge training and sharing

            • Online and mobile design tools

          • Production?Services

            • Valuable products and services

            • Order delivery management

            • Excellent supply chain management

            • Fast lead time

          • Sales service

            • Global sales service system

            • Rapid after-sales service response

            • Expert and on site service

            • Advanced inventory management system

            • Long-time running optimization

            • 7×24 hours continuous monitor 

            • Individual  service